Regionalization General Best Practices

The best practices in this section were drawn from extensive research conducted by staff of Massachusetts regional planning agencies (RPAs).  These practices document what is already happening in communities throughout the Commonwealth as well as resources provided in Massachusetts and across the country. We have divided these techniques into four categories, which, taken sequentially, will guide you through the regionalization process, highlighting critical points along the way.

Identifying Projects
Start by looking at current partnerships, agreements, contracts and plans.

Getting Started
Get the lay of the land and bring key players on board.

Moving Forward
Set the ground rules to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Implementing Your Project
Cross your Ts and dot your I’s as you go into action.

These best practices can be applied to any type of shared service projects. Best practices related to particular municipal services, such as public health or veterans services, can be found in Types of Regionalization Projects.